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Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Janet never did have a plan for her life, but sitting in prison on a raft of charges including kidnapping, guns, drugs and counterfeiting was a little disappointing. If this wasn’t rock bottom, it would do until she got there. But years later, lying amongst the ruins...

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Fear No Evil

Fear No Evil is the remarkable story of a young Jewish woman born in Budapest at the beginning of World War One. The life of Clara Kraus was one of incredible survival. In 1918 at the age of four she survived the Spanish flu that killed millions. Europe in between the...

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Good Or God? Why Good Without God Isn’t Enough

Do you yearn to be more godlike – or merely good? Urging engagement with the Lord on a level that transforms all of life, John Bevere will solidify your resolve to quit settling for anything less than the heavenly Father’s best. In his book "Good Or God?" he discusses...

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