CrimeSon Book Cover CrimeSon
Justin Gardner
Biography & Autobiography
June 17, 2012

A little boy grows up with his family in the Melbourne suburb of Sunshine. It sounds idyllic, but the reality is far different. Justin Gardner’s family was dysfunctional, his father was abusive, and Sunshine was full of darkness, with crime and drugs and violence lurking around every corner. Thrown first out of school, and then out of home, Justin’s ambition when he was 14 was to grow up to become a hit-man. CrimeSon is the extraordinary story of Justin’s life. Saved from the dark streets of death and crime in Melbourne, he was called by God to reach out to the broken hearted with a message of restoration and hope. His journey from the trauma of a violent childhood, the pain of being suicidal and ‘dream-bankrupt’ and the fear of being close to death, to seeing his life turned around and his dream machine being switched on and working overtime will make a positive difference in your own life. CrimeSon is hard-hitting, and a rough and raw backstage pass into the heart and mind of a broken man’s life. But this story provides the heart warming twist that proves that people can overcome extreme obstacles. With God in your corner nothing is impossible. CrimeSon is an emotional journey and Justin’s honesty and faith will give you an insight into just how powerful second chances can be.

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